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     Hello! My name is Dan, but I invite you to do as my friends do and call me Dimi. I survived a childhood in Transilvania, Romania, without a single vampire attack. I relocated to the golden state in the Spring of 2006 and The Bay Area quickly became home.

       I am the proud owner of a flame colored Pomeranian named Peanut. He’s from a long line of show quality Poms, and seems to know it. His stature is small but his presence is large, and with his soft set of hazel eyes he easily commands any room… Perhaps he was a kind hearted king in some past life? Peanut is always eager to pose for the camera, this works out for me as he is one of my favorite subjects to shoot, and I would hate to have to beg him for any favors. I see pets as a huge part of the human experience, and I am proud to have served as a doctor of veterinary medicine in Romania, and greatly enjoy the work I do to this day as a veterinary assistant.


     Everyone is entitled to a little me time. I fill mine with fishing, poker, movies, gardening. The delta is my favorite spot, because of its sheer beauty sure, but the fact that the fish cannot seem to keep away from my bait & reel doesn’t hurt too much either. Cards and cold ones are a Friday night tradition for me and my boys. I’ll watch almost anything if there’s a large soda and some popcorn to go along with it. Peanut supervises me in the garden, and if he isn’t too harsh of a task master he is sometimes rewarded with a carrot.

     As a child the art of photography captured my imagination, and it wasn’t long before it took over my spare time as well. Throughout my youth I documented events for family and friends. Looking back I think it’s safe to say I was always destined for the world of pictures, the need to take them was passed down in my blood, you see my mother had a great love for it as well. I have fond memories of relatives joking with us, asking Mom if she’d had her camera surgically attached. But I outdid her, snapping away even more fervently than she, honing my skills until I was performing and producing masterfully enough to step into the world of professional photography.

    It’s my firm belief that no other medium renders the feeling, the mood, the very essence of a moment the way photos do. Pictures are my passion, and I am honored to be able to help people capture the instances that make up the milestones of their life. Because everyone’s tastes vary, I like to talk with my clients before their events. Whether you envision traditional shots, color, black and whites, or a more photojournalistic approach I can make it happen, ensuring that you have the kind of pictures you can be proud to showcase in your home and enjoy for a lifetime.


Dan Dimitriu

Pleasant Hill, CA, 94523

Email:   dimitriudan1@gmail.com

Tel:       1 (925) 639 - 0146